Is Your Home Secure This Winter?

Burglar Alarms

As the winter months are closing in, how secure is your home? Crime statistics show that burglaries during the winter months increases by up to 26%.

It would appear that the shorter days offer more opportunities for criminals to work under the natural cover of darkness, with events such as bonfire night covering the sound of any forced entry or breaking glass.

How to prevent burglaries

Even with the increase in burglaries over the winter months, most burglaries are still opportunistic, and the most basic of security checks can put off an intruder from targeting your home. Measures such as closing your gate can subconsciously deter a home intruder, with the thinking being, that if you’re lax on security at the front of your home, chances are round the back it will be worse (or better in intruder terms).

Prevention Techniques

The following methods are listed from an ex-burglar who now works as a security consultant for an insurance firm. The full article can be found here.

Secure your front door
If your front door looks un-secure (a little run down, only one lock) this can catch a thief’s eye, use a cylinder lock plus a deadlock.

Don’t skimp on an alarm
Buy a house alarm from a reputable company. Burglars bypass cheap alarms and can spot a fake from a mile off. The best security couple alarms with security cameras, allowing you to view your home from your computer.

Defend your alleyway
Be sure that your alleyway doesn’t have a convenient handle for burglars to step onto and over your gate. Put a trellis on top. Burglars hate this as it snaps!

Keep things hidden
To passing burglars, your home is like a shop window. Be sure to use curtains and blinds so that it is difficult to see inside, yet easy to see your window locks.

Cage your letterbox
A standard practice of burglars is to ‘fish’ for your keys off the hall table using a long stick. Not only are your possessions in your home at risk, but the chance to also steal your car and take more of your belongings is also a possibility.

Lock up your tools
View your shed or garage as an extension of your house. Put at least a couple of locks on the outside, plus wire on the window, so thieves can’t use your garden spade or fork to prise a door open.

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