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With social media and website such as Pinterest and HGTV ever growing in popularity, there has been an increase in do-it-yourself ventures. Home security is no exception.

When it comes to home security monitoring, going the DIY route can put you and your family at increased risk.

Equipment Placement Concerns

More and more security companies are starting to offer this do it yourself approach to home security. Bundled DIY packages (sensors, cameras, keypads and environmental detectors) mean reduced prices as installation and maintenance of these products are left to the customer, therefore reducing costs for the security supplier.

But this doesn’t get around the need for trained installation professionals. Though you may fancy yourself a “handyman,” home security installation is much more than simply connecting the technology.

Trained professionals can understand an intruder’s mindset, giving them the knowledge and know how to survey your home for optimal sensor and camera placement. With DIY home security, this is often a guessing game – a dangerous one at that.

Improperly placed equipment can leave gaps in your security

It can also lead to an increase in false alarms. For example, a temperature change of sensor glass, pets, small children and other triggers can prompt false motion detector alarms. Professional design support ensures that no detail is overlooked and systems are reliable.

Compromising True Professional Monitoring

Professional home monitoring is a primary element of full-service security companies. However, many DIY kit resellers neglect this necessity in their offerings.

Without professional monitoring, it’s on you to notify emergency personnel if a problem arises. This can be high-risk in those situations where every second counts or when you are unable to personally respond.

DIY Maintenance Becomes a Solo Effort

Proper maintenance is key to the longevity of any home security system. When choosing the DIY route, you are left to handle this task alone.

Best home security providers offer a maintenance package along with your service contract. A professional will come to your home to assess the state of your system. While there, they will:

  • Check to see that batteries are functioning properly.
  • Ensure that transmitted signals are being received by the monitoring center.
  • Perform controlled tests on panic buttons.
  • Check to see that sensors have not come loose.
  • Repair any damaged or malfunctioning parts of the system.

With a DIY system, there’s nobody to tell you if your equipment needs upgraded or maintained.

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