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Security Cameras

In today’s volatile environment you need to protect your home, family, staff, customers and property. CCTV is an effective visual deterrent against internal and external theft, fighting fraud and providing vital evidence for the police.

At ABM Fire & Security, we provide the most technologically advanced security equipment available. We are a leading providers of CCTV HD cameras and high resolution monitors displaying super high clarity images.

Our CCTV cameras automatically switch between day and night modes, providing crisp images 24 hours a day.

Health & Safety CCTV

We are all aware of the significance of CCTV in our everyday lives; however there is now a considerable increase in the use of cameras to monitor:

  • Safe working practice
  • Production lines
  • Fork lift truck gangways
  • Food production areas


CCTV camera recordings could provide crucial evidence towards:

  • A defence against legal action
  • Food production area contamination
  • Bad working practices
  • Risk assessment
  • Negligence
  • Production plant breakdown


We strongly recommend the use of high definition equipment when recording evidence for any of the above applications.

The need for high resolution, colour fidelity and high frame rate is essential to ensure that the quality of the video output is of a high standard.

This of course means that the cameras, monitors and recording equipment must all be high definition products. Although HD can be more expensive, the end result is high quality pictures and a safer environment.

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