CCTV & Security in Sensitive Places


Sensitive Area Security

Security sensitive areas can be generally defined as areas occupied by vulnerable individuals such as children, or areas that contain sensitive information like medical records or other personal data. Schools, Hospitals, medical centres and government buildings are some examples of buildings and areas that are deemed sensitive due to their use or the information they hold, but, whatever the reason for its definition, the objective of any sensitive area is ultimately the same to securely protect the people, property and information within it.

CCTV And Other Security Solutions

In order to do this, security sensitive areas require security solutions – measures and systems that have been designed specifically to meet their needs, often comprising of access control, CCTV and intruder alarms and other components that work together to provide a robust system of protection.

A primary concern with security here is these buildings and sensitive areas are rarely built with security in mind, and many are known to present great difficulties when attempts are made to ensure their security.

Securing areas that have multiple sites, multiple entrances, isolated buildings within larger grounds, temporary structures, easily accessible roofs and public access spaces can be particularly challenging – especially when you consider budget restrictions, short deadlines and the gap between the expectations of a security system and the reality of what it will actually deliver. Intruder alarms for instance, these will detect an intruder when they have infringed the perimeters of specific areas and CCTV will capture images of this intruder which can later help in their identification. However, neither will prevent the intruder from gaining access in the first place.

CCTV & Security Provider

It’s extremely important then, that individuals charged with overseeing the security of these sensitive buildings choose a security systems provider with the right skills, knowledge and experience to provide a solution that is able to meet the necessary requirements, budget and deadlines – even when faced with some of the challenges mentioned.

ABM Security is that security systems provider. With over 40 years experience in providing integrated security solutions to a number of clients, ABM Security is able to design and install entirely bespoke systems to meet any requirement. We are also highly skilled in the integration of new technologies with legacy equipment to help our customers cut costs not corners when it comes to the integrity of their system.

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