CCTV In The Workplace


The demand for cctv security cameras in the workplace continues to rise. More than half of UK employers use some form of surveillance equipment in the workplace.

These cctv cameras are intended to protect both the employer and employee. They can provide round the clock surveillance, which can be used to protect assets and provide evidence when needed.

Workers compensation claims can be costly. Many claims are acts of fraud committed by employees looking to gain compensation benefits.

How one acts when they think no one is looking can give us insight on character. A surveillance video clip can be a undeniable witness.

One recent fraud case involved a workplace injury, that was captured on the employers security cameras.
The employee was seen making a hole on the ground the day before he reported his injury.
The next day he stepped into the hole faking a workplace accident, and opened a workers compensation claim.
The evidence from the cctv footage assisted the fraud investigators in this case and the employee was prosecuted.

Workplace Security

Having a surveillance system in the workplace is almost a necessity. Security cameras continue to be a powerful tool in providing proof where there is doubt.
They can help improve employee productivity as well. The idea that one is being monitored in the workplace at all times can subconsciously create a higher level of work ethic.

Employees can also benefit by feeling a sense of security in the workplace. They can have access to video evidence if an employer is being abusive. If a crime is taking place, the cameras can capture the act in progress which can be used to identify criminals.

Security cameras can provide concrete evidence that could help prove an employee to be innocent if wrongfully accused. All parties can benefit by having surveillance cameras in the workplace.

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