Burglar Alarm Efficiency

Burglar Alarms

If you are thinking of installing a wireless security alarm to your house, here I will give a few tips that will make the burglar alarm system more effective and reliable.

Control Panel Positioning

Quite often people will put the main wireless control panel on the wall close to the rear or front door, with the idea that it will be easy to switch on and off when leaving or entering the premises. Now there is nothing wrong with the idea from that point of view of ease of use, but it can render the alarm system vulnerable if the burglar broke in through the door.

The reason is that if a burglar got into the house by forcing the door open, the control panel obviously can’t distinguish the fact that it’s a burglar rather than the owner of the property that has opened the door and it will start its incoming timer, which is there to allow time for the owner to switch the system off using the security number, but in case it’s the burglar that can now hear the entry timer omitting from the panel it will actually make it easy for the burglar to quickly find it and possibly damage it.

Now in the worst scenario it would be possible for the burglar to be able to smash the panel before it’s had time to into an alarm condition, which means there will be no siren box sending out its warning sound and no auto dialler telephoning out its warning message.

The solution to try to make this situation much less likely to happen is to try to locate the wireless alarm panel in a place in which it cannot easily be found by an intruder. Examples around the corner in the kitchen area where it cannot be seen easily, or maybe even upstairs in a location which is very hard to access like the back of cupboards or under an office table, making it virtually impossible to find quickly. It can also be a good idea to disable the entry sounder if that is possible on the systems programming and now there will be no audible indication of the panel’s location.

Secondary Wireless Control Keypad

Now obviously the occupants of the premises when using the system will not want to walk upstairs every time they come home to switch their system off, so the solution is to put a secondary wireless control keypad downstairs near the door of entry which can arm and disarm the system, but would not render the system inactive if it was ever broken by an intruder. Obviously the customer has to incur the cost of buying a second wireless control keypad, but it has made the system very safe and effective.

Improving Your Home Security

My second main tip to make a wireless security alarm work more effectively is to realise the fact that the vast majority of burglaries happen with a point of entry at the rear of the property. Most houses are more secluded and quiet at the rear; this makes it much safer for a burglar. The front of the house is usually a much more risky location to try to break into because houses usually face streets with passers-by and neighbours living rooms looking across the street into the opposite house. In fact if there are patio doors at the rear of the property these are by far the most vulnerable point of entry for burglars, so it is wise to make these doors as safe as possible. It can be a very good security measure to have a magnetic contact or a wireless shock sensor installed on a patio door, so that if these are targeted by intruders, the security alarm will go into alarm condition much more quickly.

So to sum up by simply making sure that the control panel which triggers the alarm system in a location where it cannot be attacked quickly and easily and also making sure that the rear rooms of the property are well covered by this security alarm, the wireless burglar alarm is much more reliable and effective.

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