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Don’t Be An Easy Burglary Target

How secure is your home? How long would it take for a burglar to actually get access to your home? These tips from a West Midlands police officer can reduce the chances that you will be targeted.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system can be the biggest deterrent to a would be burglar. The deterrent comes from having an active visible alarm placed on the property, a burglar would see this and most likely look for another- easier property.

An alarm will work best with the cooperation of your neighbours keeping an eye out for each other, as many times a faulty alarm going off just brings groans from your neighbours rather than any kind of genuine concern for your property, this is also the reason that you should get your alarm properly maintained, as a faulty alarm going off, will not only deter neightbours from taking the alarm seriously, but will also drive them mad, especially if it is sounding the alarm for a long time whilst you are away or at work.

Door and lock security

The first step is to actually make your home more difficult to enter. If there is too much effort required to get into your home, a burglar will most likely pass it by.

An experienced burglar will know the weakest point to enter your home will be the back door or garage door, the back door will also offer more cover to conceal the actions of the burglar. A quality main lock and a couple of deadbolts will provide much more security.

Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding door are secured by latches and not locks that are vulnerable to being forced open from the outside. This can be easily remedied by inserting a wooden dowel into the sliding track, preventing or limiting movement.

Window Security

As said in the video, keep windows closed and locked. Many burglaries are acts of opportunity, an easy to reach window left open is a very easy target for burglars.

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Be a good neighbour and know who is around you. When neighbours look out for each other, the rate of burglaries in an area is very low. Prying eyes keep away unwanted visitors.

Establishing trust with your neighbours can help security measures while you are away from home, by helping each other in making the property seem like it is still occupied – picking up mail or newspapers, if your neighbours have a key, they can turn lights on or off, inspect the outside of the property etc.

Security Lighting

Interior lighting is a great way to show that there is life at home, there are inexpensive light timers that you can purchase from most hardware stores that will set lights to come on at set times. This is a great way to give the impression that there is someone home to anyone who is watching.

Exterior security lighting is also very important in securing your property. Nobody who is up to no good who enters your property will be happy being lit up for anyone to see when approaching your property.

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