CCTV & Security in Sensitive Places


Sensitive Area Security Security sensitive areas can be generally defined as areas occupied by vulnerable individuals such as children, or areas that contain sensitive information like medical records or other personal data. Schools, Hospitals, medical centres and government buildings are some examples of buildings and areas that are deemed sensitive due to their use or […]

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Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarm Systems A met office police study has shown that a good, well maintained burglar alarm system will make you less likely to become a burglary victim. Choosing the correct one for you can be difficult though with the amount of options that you have. Underneath we will talk about the different options available […]

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Crime & Burglary Statistics Warrington


Warrington is a relatively safe place in comparison to other towns and cities across the UK. The level of crimes in these statistics are based in the borough of Warrington. Crimes in Warrington Date Burglary Robbery Violent Bike Theft Theft From Person Other Theft Aug 2015 80 3 207 20 21 135 July 2015 63 […]

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Beat The Burglar – Home Security Tips & Tricks

Security Systems

Don’t Be An Easy Burglary Target How secure is your home? How long would it take for a burglar to actually get access to your home? These tips from a West Midlands police officer can reduce the chances that you will be targeted. Alarm Systems An alarm system can be the biggest deterrent to a […]

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